Industrial Primers
These primers are applied on surface before paint for providing excellent surface finish. In addition to this, offered primers are known for their longer shelf life and precise composition.
Enamel Paints
These Enamel Paints are perfect for providing protection from rust to surface on which they are applied. Offered paints gives eye-catchy finish to walls, ceiling and other surfaces.
Industrial Paint
This Industrial Paint is mainly used for coating residential and commercial places. Offered paint is also suitable to be applied on machines components to prevent them from rust..
Epoxy Floor Coating
This Epoxy Floor Coating finds its usefulness in automobile and construction industries. In addition, provided coating provides excellent finish to surface on which it is applied.
Industrial Enamel
Offered Industrial Enamel is widely demanded in residential, commercial and industrial places. In addition to this, provided enamel is mainly used for coating surface for providing them attractive look.
Epoxy Coal Tar
Offered Epoxy Coal Tar is easy to apply and has longer shelf life. In addition to this, provided Epoxy Coal Tar is mainly used in road and highways construction as a adhesive.
Stoving Enamel Thinner
Stoving Enamel Thinners are used to provide protective surface finish for painted surface and help to improve its overall appearance. These enamel thinners are also used for thinning of industrial enamels, paving paints, wax and grease affected surface. These enamel thinners are applied by spraying.
Etch Primer
Oil based etch primers are bonding primers that are applied on welded surface (made of stainless steel/ galvanized steel/aluminum alloy) to attain a matt finished look. Available in white color, this range of primers is applied by brush or roller.
Alkyd Primer
Alkyd primers are effective in providing uniform finish and also to improve appearance of any coated or painted metal surface finish. These primers are applied on top coat and on glossy paint treated or varnish coated surface to achieve a flawless appearance of applied surface.

Zinc Silicate Primer
Water based two component Zinc Silicate Primers are sprayed on metal surface of boat housing, car exterior and on electrical appliances to achieve desired flawless surface finish. These environment friendly and non toxic grade primers can be availed at reasonable rate from us.
Waterproof Coatings
UV proof waterproof coatings are applied on moisture or humidity prone areas like kitchen, bathroom etc. Composed of modified acrylic ester, these coatings are water based thick polymer materials that can protect applied surface against harsh climate, aging and UV rays.
Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer
Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primers possess strong corrosion resistant attribute and good bonding characteristics. These water based primers can safeguard applied oil tank surface against chemicals, harsh weather and impact. Manufacturing standard of this range of primers conforms to global norms.
Epoxy Universal Primer
Two component Epoxy Universal Primers are well known for their excellent wear and abrasion resistant attributes. Offered primers contain epoxy resin and polysamide curing agent for improved binding characteristics. Provided range of primers is sprayed on required surface to resist oil and chemicals.

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